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Bicycle route: Around Bygdøy

A bicycle tour around Bygdøy is one of most delightful, romantic two-wheel rides in Oslo:
Lush woods, park-like countryside, view of the sea, beaches, historic buildings and the royal cows are some of the sights along the way.

Starting point: Hengsengveien (arrive from Aker Brygge via the 3-km cycle route along Frognerstranda to Hengsengveien).  

Continue to Holsts vei - Rideveien - Huk - P.T. Mallingsvei - Langviksvei - Huk Aveny - Museumsveien - Wedels vei - Dronning Biancas vei

Distance: 7 km
Incline: insignificant
Road surface: primarily fine gravel

Last updated: 03/22/2023

Source: VisitOSLO as

Bicycle route: Around Bygdøy