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Bjerkebæk - Sigrid Undset's home

Welcome to the home of Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset (1882–1949), one of Norway's great female writers. Her home is a short walk from downtown Lillehammer.

Welcome to the home of one of Norway’s great female writers.

Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset (1882–1949) lived at Bjerkebæk with her three children.
Here she wrote the novels for which she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1928, among them the medivial triology Kristin Lavransdatter.

The famous author’s home is located just a short walk from Lillehammer city center.

Join in a guided tour in the home and get to know Sigrid Undset and her life at Bjerkebæk.

The garden
Sigrid Undset was passionate about flowers and nature. She transformed the garden at Bjerkebæk from a pile of stones into a beautiful garden. Stepping into Bjerkebæk's garden feels like going back in time and it is almost like you can see the author herself wandering through her garden.

In the guset house you can visit the exhibition «Sigrid Undset’s travels»

The museum shop
Inside the modern visitor center you will find the museum shop with books and giftware.

Last updated: 09/05/2023

Source: Visit Lillehammer

Bjerkebæk - Sigrid Undset's home