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Midnight excursion to beautiful Hella

This tour is conducted by Green Gold of Norway. It is ten at night and there is still lots of daylight!

We pick you up at Radisson Blu hotel, take you to our office, and give you navigation suits, life jackets, and mittens. Then we go onboard our RIB-boats and after only thirty minutes, you realize that you are far away from the city surrounded only by nature, mountains, fjords and light, very special evening light that can only be seen above the arctic circle! In our approach to beautiful Hella, we will navigate along the Ry tidal current. This current attracts fish, and fish attract birds, so we will see and hear lots of nature while docking. We will then walk five minutes to a small boat house where we will serve coffee/tea & muffins while enjoying beautiful views of fjords, mountains and birds. From here, we will observe the strength of the current we just navigated. All this from 11 to 12 at night! Finally, we will start our short hike back to the RIB-boat, and our navigation back to Tromsø. Included: Guide, transport, warm clothes & shoes, coffee/tea & muffins. Duration: 3 hours Number of participants: 6 - 12 Difficulty level: Medium Meeting time: latest 15 minutes before departure Departure time: 10PM (22:00) from Radisson Blu Hotel

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Midnight excursion to beautiful Hella