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Nomadic art project overlooking Oslo's famous Opera House On the edge of the jetty facing the Opera, you can both swim in the fjord and use the saunas at SALT. SALT is an art project uniting art, music, architecture and spectacular tree constructions inspired by traditional Norwegian fish racks called "fiskehjeller". 

At SALT there is something going on all year round! There are six saunas, various food stalls, several bars both inside and outside, several stages and cultural programmes every day.

Here you can choose between six different saunas with capacities ranging from 6 to 100 people. You can rent your own private sauna or take part in sauna sessions in the main saunas Árdna or Skroget. To cool off, you can choose between cold freshwater pools, outdoor showers or a dip in the Oslo Fjord. We have gathered everything you need to know about the saunas at SALT for you here.

Cultural program
SALT has six different indoor stages where cultural events take place every day. Here you can catch everything from concerts, film, theatre and comedy to clowns, burlesque and children's events. SALT also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year that allow you to immerse yourself in music, comedy, theatre, drag and literature. The cultural programme can be found here.

Bar and catering areas
During the winter months, you can book your own outdoor areas with a fire pit, skins and blankets for your group. Here you can enjoy coffee, cocoa and buy barbecue packs where you can grill either regular barbecue sausages or reindeer sausages yourself over the fire.

In the summer months, the area changes again to a large and nice outdoor seating area, with capacity for over 800 people. Here you can also book a table in advance if you wish, but SALT always sets aside a lot of space for drop-in.

It is completely free to book both barrels and ordinary tables.

The bars in the area contain a good variety of exciting products. All year round you'll find a large bar in the Bazaar tent, or you can enjoy a coffee or cocktail in the Naustet café. During the summer months, there is also a long outdoor bar that you can use.

SALT has a selection of food stalls offering exciting dishes inspired by different parts of the world. Organic and eco-friendly products play a key role, and they always offer vegan options. The different stalls change from year to year and season to season.

Read more about their food offerings here.

Last updated: 08/28/2023

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